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Glad to see You dear friends here in my site.

I hope You'll find here something interesting and useful for you.

All You opinions please send by e-mail. See address at the left of the page.

  Last event here:
23.11.2015 was published new version of a novel Principle "Earth".


The site contains some sections:


The first one is dedicated to programming.
Actually, there will be published programms developed by me.


The second one is dedicated to poetry.
Many of poems published here was written a long time ago.


The third section tells about my music.
This section appeared later than others because making music that sounds nice take much more time.


The fourth section - Prose.
The smallest and unexpected, even for me, section. I just had to try.


The next section - Painting.
Things shown here are the oldest of published on the cite. This makes me feel nostalgia.

Aditional section "Friend links"
Here you can find links that are connected with materials published here.


Well, select please from menu at the left a section that You are interested in.