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This section of my site is for publishing programms developed by me
All the programms doesn't require of installation. Just unpack it
All the programs are distributed "As Is".

  Sky Screen Saver 327Kb

OpenGL Sky ScreenSaver (AlphaBlend version). Screensaver creates on your decktop a night sky with constellations, that is rotating. The current screen when Sky Screensaver starts fluently transforms to night sky. It's possible to set rotation speed and center point. Your workstation should support OpenGL by hardware. This version is for Windows XP. Freeware.
To install, unpack archive content to Windows\System32\. Then choose new ScreenSaver in desctop properties.

Download 327 Kb Sky Screen Saver 327 Kb

  Kodla 394 Kb

Kodla. The game. PC version of old school game. You have to erase equal digits or that give 10 together. The goal - erase all the digits. Here you get some balls for each erased pair. There is record table. Game can be saved and restored. You can tune parameters of game and interface. Also there is learn mode. Freeware.
More information
Best result: rank = 25,70
Second result: rank = 14,76

Download 394 Kb Kodla 394 Kb

  OpenGL Screen Saver 163 Kb

OpenGL ScreenSaver. Small, simple, variable, light. Freeware.
To install unpack archive content to Windows\System32\. Then choose new ScreenSaver in desctop properties.
To update unpack archive content to Windows\System32\ and replace the old version file.

Скачать 163 Kb OpenGL Screen Saver 163 Kb

  MTek 1,3 Mb

MTek. Musik, songs, files classifier. It's developed to get possibility of quick finding the musik that match to present moment. Actually it's database of links to the files, and each link is classified (by You, there is no magic in the world). Programm has
- funny scheduler of playing,
- scheduler of tasks (it can shutdown the PC or start play musik in the morning instead of alarm clock),
- some skins,
- possibility to move program to Windows System Tray and control itself through tray

Current version 1.2.13 (от 28.01.2008)

Download 1,3 Mb MTek 1,3 Mb

  Clocki 174 Kb

Clocki - extremely simple clock. It's always on top but, it doesn't diffuse your attention and doesn't disturb while working. There is some variants of pointers, two modes: continuous ans quartz. You can set colour and size. Freeware.

Download 174 Kb Clocki 174 Kb

  Конем до 100 154 Kb

Chess horse. At least one way exists to walk trouhg chess board as a horse. You can try find this way in board 10x10 with this game. If you made a mistake you can go back some steps. Extremely simple interface. Freeware.

How to solve

Download 154 Kb Конем до 100 154 Kb

  Marker 168 Kb

Presentation Helper. The goal of this program - turn an attention of attendance while presentation. It works in background and shows the frame or ellipse at mouse position if you press RCTRL, RSHIFT, LCTRL, LSHIFT. It's possible to set the colour of frame. Freeware.

Download 168 Kb Marker 168 Kb