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Where is no music? Actually I don't know. It always sounds. It is like a bound up dog, always near. Sometimes even you don't know how to swich it off.

Here You can find links to my songs and also other music. Most of the songs have my lyrics, but some have lyrisc of other authors. Links will appear as soos as tracks of good quality will be available.
Tracks can be bought. Contact me by e-mail.

  "Я никого так не любил" (I didn't love anybody so much). Listen Listen
This song was written by desire of Semen Cvang, who is the lyrics author.
Lyrics Author's page
  "Куда мы плали" (Where were we sailing). Listen Listen

Orchestral music
  "На закате" (On sunset). Listen Listen
Instrumental music
  "Сквозь темноту" (Through darkness). Listen Listen