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Publication in alcamac

Book was published in March 2012. It was modern prose and poetry almanac "Star rain" book 3.

Volume: 212 pages.

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The following poems were included into the almanac:
Стерх (White crane)
Чем ты шире открываешь душу (When you open you soul wide)
По краю фонтана (Along the edge of a fountain)
Птица в свободном полете (A bird in a free flight)
Актер не сыгранной комедии (An actor of unplayed comedy)
Одной ногой (Where do you stand?)
Любовь причин не знает (Love doesn't know any reasons)
Гитара спит (The guitar's sleeping)
На крыльях (On wings)
Но не мы обнимаем друг друга (Not we embrace each other)
За что горят оригиналы? (Why originals burn)
Venez на чашку чая (Come for a cup of tea)